Friday, May 15, 2009

There's Something About Maui

It all started with a planned trip to St. John with my parents that was supposed to happen in January.  You see, Jeff doesn't fool around when it comes to travelling...all plans are made way in advance.  In fact, usually he's planning the next trip before the current one is over.  Anyway, we bought our tickets and booked the timeshare only to find out a few weeks later that I was pregnant and due in February.  So we switched our trip to Maui in May and planned to take the boys along with us (of course).

view from our room

Our first family vacation turned out rather well.  We all had a great time, the boys did really well on the plane trip both ways (fellow passengers stopped to compliment them on their way out even) and we really took it easy while we were there and didn't try to cram too many activities in.  To sum up, we took a few trips to the pool with the boys, some meals out, a day trip to Hana, and a date night on a sunset cruise while my parents watched the boys for us.  The boys, miraculously, slept 8 hours straight at night while we were there... a feat they have only accomplished once since we've been home.  I guess we all like to sleep in a little on vacation, huh?
precious moments

sunset cruise while my parents babysat

exploring the island

Road to Hana

The one big snafoo was that in all the commotion of getting the boys and all of our luggage loaded on to the shuttle on the morning we left, I managed to leave my bag behind.  I was so consumed with not forgetting anything for the boys and was operating on only 3 hours of sleep (up all night packing last minute items) that I never moved my bag out of the bedroom and into the dining room with the rest of the luggage.  We didn't notice it was missing until we reached the airport and then it was too late.  Jeff  very sweetly arranged for a good friend of ours to have my bag sent UPS.  My luggage arrived three days into the trip and gave me an excuse to do a little shopping in the meantime.  But the first few days in Maui were not my favorite.  I had worn long black pants, a long sleeved blouse and tennis shoes on the plane.  Brilliant!  Had to borrow from Jeff and my mom for the first couple of days until I got a chance to go shopping.  Someday I'll look back and laugh about that.

I look good in my swim trunks!

all decked out for the sun

local wildlife

Yeah, we'd go back to Maui!