Thursday, July 16, 2009

Catching Up

I'm just going to take this rare opportunity to catch up on all the posting I haven't done for a very long time.  At the moment Wesley is sleeping and Sam is otherwise here are some photos to show you what the boys have been up to the last several months...

This was the boys' first time in a restaurant highchair during our stay in Ventura.  They didn't really fit so we tried to prop them up with blankets.  Okay so we ended up holding them while we ate our meals but I think the boys get an "A" for effort!

"Are you my brother?"

Matching outfits for Father's Day

a special visit with Great Grandma Dorothy,

and Great Grandpa Leon

Practicing Parents

Sammy sitting on future friend Josh
this was the day of our huge garage sale

Bring Your Twins To Work Day

Wesley & Debbie

Catherine & Sammy

they look so serious

4th of July

Sam with Grandpa Bill

a talent that runs in the family

visit with Cousin Kym

Snazzy New Ride

A bunch of people from our church family got together and bought us this wonderful new stroller.  We love it!  The boys love it!  It practically pushes itself!  The boys love to see what's in front of them and there are even little sunroofs so they can view the scenery overhead.  Check out how cool they look in it...

Many many thanks to those of you who contributed to this gift!  Thank you notes are in the works!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thing One & Thing Two

I have a very good friend who shares my love for children's books (actually hers goes much deeper but we both collect). Some time after the boys came home from the hospital she came by and brought us what will most certainly become a family heirloom...a beautiful little chest, lovingly finished and decoupaged by Auntie Joy herself.

Joy & Bonnie with the boys

But that's not all! Inside the chest were soooo many lovely children's books, each with fun little goodies to go with them. Today, I highlight the Cat in the Hat. Hat's off to Auntie Joy for finding these adorable little onesies!!!

Don't cry Sam...

books are yummy!

Don't be too serious Wesley...

reading is fun!

and to quote the doctor himself...

"Fun is good."