Monday, January 17, 2011


You see that adorable little guy on the left?  We had a little trip to the E.R. about 1 1/2 weeks ago after feeding him peanut butter.  Boy was that fun.  After taking him for allergy tests today we now know that Wesley is allergic to not only peanuts, but also almonds and even more so to cashews and pistachios.  Sigh!    I love cashews!  But I will not be eating them again anytime soon.

I just finished clearing our pantry of all products that either contain nuts or are processed in the same facility as nuts per his doctor's instructions.  Thus begins a series of lifestyle changes for the Harrison family.   You see, we are a family who loves to eat out.  We either eat out or order in on a very regular basis.  According to the doctor, it is no longer safe for Wesley to eat restaurant food due to the possibility of cross-contamination of foods.  Therefore, I need to start cooking at home more.  Travelling will prove more of a challenge as well.

Please pray for us!  This is both frightening and disappointing.  On the bright side, we can take him in for allergy tests again in 12 months and maybe his body will have forgotten that it hates nuts.  Who knows?  Stranger things have happened, right?


Jen said...

Oh man. That is not the outcome you were hoping for. I'm really sorry. I'll be praying that in 12 months he'll have outgrown these allergies. Yuck.

Joybird said...

So sorry. But my mom was just telling me of a friend who had a childhood allergy to nuts that he outgrew and his son had the same thing. So it is definitely possible. I'll keep praying.